Release Notes

1.3.1 (Dec 2023)

  • Install pvxsIoc.dbd with the correct name in python build.

  • No change to Makefile build.

1.3.0 (Dec 2023)

  • Set TCP_NODELAY on client and server sockets.

  • Disambiguate Size from Selector when decoding messages.

  • QSRV
    • QSRV 2 now considered “feature complete”.

    • Avoid sending 0 precision w/ integer value.

    • Add PVA Links.

1.2.4 (Oct 2023)

  • data: Relax when assigning struct[] or union[] of similar types.

  • client: avoid assert() with invalid forced server name.

  • client: propagate exception during early op. setup.

  • client: GET yield complete updates after first.

  • server: Ensure that variables bound into operation callback std::function<> are released promptly when that operation is ended.

  • server: relax post() after finish(). Return false instead of throwing std::logic_error.

  • ioc: ensure db_cancel_event() before ~MonitorControlOp
  • ioc: Fix typo preventing processing of DBR_STRING fields.

  • ioc: fix group put always dbProcess.

  • ioc: fix block=true to DBF_ENUM.

  • ioc: actually require +putorder to PUT.

  • ioc: group put w/o effect is an error.

  • ioc: accept record._options.process as bool

  • ioc: group avoid post() empty events

1.2.3 (Sept 2023)

  • Add $PVXS_ENABLE_IPV6 environment variable. Set PVXS_ENABLE_IPV6=NO to disable usage of IPv6.

  • IOC: A warning is printed if a group definition includes no +trigger mappings.

    This is likely a mis-configuration by omission which will produce more monitor updates than expected.

  • pvxs::server::ConnectOp::error() no longer blocks.

  • Add pvxs::target_information().

  • IOC: fill in display.precision.

  • Add Understanding Groups section.

  • Add pvxs::nt::NTTable helper.

  • Clarify some exception messages.

  • Add pvxs::ioc::testPrepare.

1.2.2 (June 2023)

  • IOC: improve long string detection.

  • Changes to Tree output format for Value.

  • Applied various bug fixes for issued detected by static analysis. All believed to be minor.

1.2.1 (June 2023)

  • Quiet erroneous MONITOR exceeds window size warning message on finish().

  • Fix incomplete py build

  • Add Python 3.11 builds (Alex Wells)

1.2.0 (May 2023)

  • server: fix default monitor queueSize to 4

  • improve localhost multicast forwarding

  • server: bind both wildcard for UDP

  • update bundled libevent

  • Add pvxs::nt::NTScalar::form.

  • NTEnum add display.description

  • client: schedule initial search use separate event from the generic work queue. (Thomas Ives)

  • client: re-define the meaning of poke()

  • server: fix stats(reset=true)

  • prevent simple Any self-assignment

  • Value::copyIn() (also from() and operator =) add Array -> Array w/ implied alloc+convert

  • client: fix batch pop() of exception

  • fix monitor pipeline and finish()

  • server: add MonitorStat::nSquash

  • Add feature preview of QSRV 2 IOC server functionality.

1.1.4 (April 2023)

  • client: fix delta sync of Compound. Regression in 1.1.0.

  • Add wrappers for some libevent socket manipulations as Expert APIs.

  • Improve diff output of testStrEq.

  • msvc build compat. /wd* compiler flags sometimes interpreted as paths.

1.1.3 (Mar 2023)

  • Fix pvxs::Value::nmembers() which erroneously returned 0 for StructA and UnionA.

  • Fix pvxs::Value::unmark() where parent=true caused corruption.

  • Change to “magic” automatic Union member selection during assignment.

  • Fix pvxs::shared_array::convertTo() converting Float64 to Float32 caused corruption.

  • Fix TypeDef(const Value& val) for Union/UnionA/StructA

  • Fix unsigned handling

  • server: rework cleanup of connection, channel, and operation

1.1.2 (Feb 2023)

1.1.1 (Dec 2022)

  • Fix protocol decoding error with TypeStore.

1.1.0 (Nov 2022)

1.0.1 (Oct 2022)

  • Fix c++17 compilation issue

  • Allow TypeDef to append StructA and UnionA

  • Reduce “non-existent IOID” noise

  • Fix CMD_MESSAGE handling

  • Fix locking of client monitor during pop()

  • Calculate buffer sizes in terms of OS socket buffer limit

  • Fix low water mark calculation

  • Fix Timer ownership (expert API)

  • Avoid assert() when client asked to search for PV names longer than 1400 bytes.

1.0.0 (Sept 2022)

  • Add pvxs::client::ConnectBuilder::server

  • Add hold-off timer when reconnecting to a specific server.

  • Fix missing closing quote when printing a String in tree format.

0.3.1 (June 2022)

  • Fix ifaddrs::ifa_addr can be NULL

  • Limit beacon tracking by size as well as time

0.3.0 (May 2022)

  • Fix protocol incompatibility with Big Endian servers.

  • Add support for IPv4 multicast and IPv6 uni/multicast for UDP. And IPv6 unicast for TCP. See Address Spec. for entries which may now appear in EPICS_PVA*_ADDR_LIST.

  • PVXS now attempts to fanout unicast searches through the loopback interface, and to handle CMD_ORIGIN_TAG messages (aka. the local multicast hack).

  • Add pvxs::client::Context::discover() to enumerate and track PVA Servers.

  • pvxlist add “continuous” mode. (eg. pvxlist -v -w 0) To immediately Discover new servers, then continue listening for Beacons to detect as server go up and down (like casw). Also, to be gentler on your network, add -P to skip initial Discovery ping, and only listen for Beacons.

0.2.2 (Jan 2022)

  • No functional change to libraries.

  • Updates to python packaging.

0.2.1 (Oct 2021)

  • Bug fixes

  • Changes

  • Ignore beacons with protocol field other than “tcp”. Forward compatibility.

  • Limit packet hex dumps to 64 bytes.

  • testStrMatch() now specified POSIX regular expression syntax.

  • Client operations builders rawRequest(Value()) is now a no-op. Previously produced a non-nonsensical empty request.

  • Additions

0.2.0 (July 2021)

  • Bug fixes

  • Resolve ambiguity between Value::as(T&) and Value::as(FN&&) causing issue with GCC 4.8.

  • Fix encoding of (Sub)Struct w/ valid set.

  • Fix locking issue with client tracking of server beacons.

  • Fix binding to specific interface addresses.

  • Changes

  • To simplify usage in situations with complex threading, many client methods avoid unnecessary synchronization with the client worker thread. Cancellation still synchronizes by default, but this may now be controlled with the new syncCancel() Builder methods. cf. pvxs::client::detail::CommonBuilder::syncCancel().

  • Client Op Builder server() method now implemented.

  • Client channel cache now periodically prunes unused Channels automatically.

  • Additions

0.1.5 (May 2021)

  • Bug Fixes

  • Changes

  • Default logger level changed from Err to Warn.

  • Server warns when falling back from requested TCP port.

  • Public headers include <iosfwd> instead of <ostream>.

  • Additions

0.1.4 (APR 2021)

  • Bug Fixes

  • Fix potential locking issue monitor queue

  • Fix potential locking issue in Shared PV with concurrent open()/close() vs. post()

  • Additions

0.1.3 (FEB 2021)

  • Bug Fixes

  • Fix regression from 0.1.2 causing possible crash on targets defining SO_RXQ_OVFL (eg. Linux).

0.1.2 (FEB 2021)

  • Bug Fixes

  • Fix TCP connection “stall” (incorrect deferred read).

  • Changes

  • Raise UDP search reply processing limit.

  • Try not to fragment UDP search packets.

  • mailbox example can serve more than one PV.

  • Indent printed field=value in delta output mode.

0.1.1 (Jan 2021)

  • Bug Fixes

  • Fix decoding of “null” string. Addresses interoperability with pvAccessJava.

  • Increase inactivity timeout for TCP connections from 30 to 40 seconds. Also for interoperability with pvAccessJava.

  • Client search requests incorrectly set Server direction bit. (existing servers don’t enforce this)

  • Improved handling of errors resulting from pvRequest processing. eg. field selection which doesn’t select any fields.

  • Added Features

  • Added PVXS_ABI_VERSION et al. to pvxs/version.h

  • Add testThrowsMatch and testStrMatch to pvxs/unitttest.h

  • Changes

  • Changed name of automatic Sources "builtin" and "server" to "__builtin" and "__server". Document that Source names beginning with __ are reserved.

0.1.0 (Dec 2020)

  • Initial Release